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Granddaddy Purple

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Granddaddy Purple

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THC: 16-27%
CBD: 1%


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Granddaddy Purple is an indica that emits a sweet berry fragrance and leaves consumers experiencing a grape aftertaste. So, It’s a striking strain, with deep and dark purple buds surrounded with bright orange hairs and a plethora of white trichomes.
Its THC level is usually 17% with some crops topping off at 27%. However, Grand Daddy Purp creates an extremely relaxing body buzz that leaves the mind in a euphoric state. It’s best to consume this strain at night, being an excellent choice to help aid sleep and tension in the body.

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    THC: 16-27%
    CBD: 1%
    This strain relieves restless leg syndrome for a comfortable night’s rest and elevates appetite.

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